hello, I'm courn


located in portland, oregon

a digital designer at Helios Interactive, a part-time freelance designer, and a full-time dog mom


a bit about me


what's your design philosophy?

I believe in user-centric design that balances form with function. A design should appeal to your target audience, be presented on the platform that best reaches your audience, and deliver measurable results. Design is a form of visual problem solving. When you can view the scope of the project and narrow it down to a single problem statement, it rearranges the project priorities and allows you to pursue a real solution. While creating visually pleasing designs is a trainable skill, the process of design problem solving is far more difficult to learn and implement. I may be a visual designer, but I'm an innovator and problem-solver first.


what's with all the dog projects?

If you haven’t noticed, I'm a huge dog fanatic and way-too-enthusiastic pawrent. Dogs have been a reoccurring subject of mine for personal projects and naturally progressed into my work. I’ve always found myself drawn to fellow dog lovers, which has evolved into a variety of dog-related clients and projects.


You don't go by the name courtney?

Yep, you heard right! Most of my friends, colleagues, and peers call me Courn. Not the vegetable, nor the band, but a shortened version of Courtney. Don't worry, you can still call me Courtney if it's too weird for you.